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GWCC is a Temporary Hospital for COVID-19...Again

GWCC is a Temporary Hospital for COVID-19…Again

Georgia authorities began using the Georgia World Congress Center as a temporary hospital in April of 2020 to handle COVID-19 excess patients. The focus of the center is on the patients with mild to moderate coronavirus symptoms. Per Georgia Emergency Management Agency’s Deputy Director Mark Sexton, “The intent is to let the local area hospitals have a location where they can move the patients out that ar

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Atlanta Snapshot:  Change is Coming

Atlanta Snapshot: Change is Coming

While the city has not exactly been bustling... with the high energy it normally would be this time of year, it is certain that change is coming to Atlanta. You may not see those changes immediately due to current events, but by the time the city is up and running again, it will seem like you are walking into a brand new Atlanta. As the first order of business, you may have noticed that our governor, B

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The GMA is Under Way

The GMA is Under Way

GMA New Headquarters and Renovation Project On February 1st of 2019, the The Georgia Municipal Association, Inc. (GMA) began soliciting proposals from firms interested in providing professional architectural services for the construction of a project known as the Georgia Municipal Association New Headquarters and Renovation Project, located in Atlanta, Georgia, consisting of a new building, a parking deck, a

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Navigating 2020 - A Tenant Rep Broker's Story

Navigating 2020 – A Tenant Rep Broker’s Story

Downtown:  My Home I wanted to take a different route and talk to you guys more on a personal level about business.  This year has been quite tumultuous for most people, including myself.  My story is the same.  Only the details are different.  I think we all came into 2020 believing the turn of this decade would bring magic and wonder in the form of new opportunities…but all we’

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FOR SALE:  The Heart of Downtown Atlanta

FOR SALE: The Heart of Downtown Atlanta

Downtown Atlanta is shaking some trees I heard about the sale of the CNN Center last night and I cannot stop thinking about it!  The CNN Center, located in Atlanta, Georgia, is the headquarters for CNN and other WarnerMedia companies around the world. WarnerMedia, deeply rooted in the Atlanta culture, made the bold decision to sell the CNN Center and relocate operations to its newly renovated Techwood c

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