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The Future of Office – “What’s the Vibe?”

While touring with a client recently, many times the “vibe check” question came up in conversation. From the east side to downtown, the question remained, “What type of vibe are you looking for?” You may wonder what a vibe check is. In this instance, vibe check references the kind of energy occupiers want their employees to feel in their office space. Does an easy, laid back and walkable scenario mesh well with your company values, or does a clean and modern high rise situation align better? With the “War for Talent” upon us, office users have learned, “It’s not so much about the rent, rates and service charge anymore, it’s the story that a building can tell, if that fits the values of that

organization, which is more important.” If you want to attract and retain talent, occupiers must focus on value fit, test fit, and energy fit.

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