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The Broker List “Best Commercial Real Estate Advice”

Downtown Atlanta Commercial Real Estate Specialist Re'Nauta Bell

Commercial Real Estate Advice on Why You Need to Be Authentic to Succeed

If I only had one piece of commercial real estate advice to give, it would be to be yourself at all costs.  Everything in your commercial real estate career begins with and stems from who you are.  You must learn to look at yourself like you would look at a trusted and well-known brand.  You need to understand why people should trust you.  With that understanding and some time, you can easily become a household name.

Marketing – When marketing yourself, it must come from a place of authenticity, or no one will buy what you are selling.

Mentorship – You must find a mentor, and if you are being truly authentic and marketing yourself properly, your mentor will find you.

Expectations – This. Will. Be. Hard.  Be prepared.  Be honest with yourself about your financial situation because you will need at least 3-5 years to get ramped up if you plan to go into brokerage.  Just be patient and you will see the rewards are lucrative.  Brokerage can be a very, very scary roller coaster so you must be ready for the ride.

Education – Trust me…you do not know what you do not know.  You must continuously be educating yourself to provide value-add to your clients.  Enroll in classes that will expand your knowledge-base and keep you on top of current topics and market trends.

Networking – I cannot explain enough how important networking is.  Devote yourself to a minimum of four networking opportunities per week.  Opportunities include lunches, phone calls, networking events, virtual meetings, etc.

Differentiator – Find out what your differentiator is.  What makes you unique and stand out from the crowd?  Your differentiator does not have to do anything with commercial real estate, but you can share your talent or gift with the world.  If you are a poet, volunteer to recite a piece as an opener for the next conference you attend.  If you are spiritual, wear your spirituality on your shoulder.  You will find like-minded colleagues flocking to you.  Maybe you are a social media guru.  Who knows?  Maybe that skillset helps your team on your next pitch.

All the aforementioned advice is rooted in your own authenticity.  You must show the world and the industry the “You” that you have to offer.  Once they see your sincerity, transparency, and consistency, they will begin to trust you.  If you are not authentic, then you simply will not win.


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