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WBENC 2022: Teresa Williams and Re’Nauta Bell with Cushman & Wakefield

I find great joy in speaking on diversity and inclusion. Any time I am afforded a platform to share resources with the underserved and underrepresented, is an opportunity to help change someone’s life. I am here for it! I love to see people win who, historically, have come in last. Let’s get into it Ladies. It is time to place first! 

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Top Challenges and Priorities CFOs Face in 2022

A new survey of the top challenges CFOs face suggests that almost half of the respondents believe the “recession” will only last 2 years. While CFOs are concerned with developing strategies to mitigate rising costs, talent acquisition and retention, cash flow, supply chain issues, and technology upgrades, the dominant takeaway is CFOs are overall optimistic about growth initiatives despite the seemingly endless challenges they are currently facing. Read on to learn more.

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The CFO Conundrum – Can Companies Afford their Workforce?

“The Great Resignation” and “The War for Talent” have elevated the unemployment rate in the U.S. to 3.5%. CFOs are being challenged by expensive talent and their demands for flexibility. The need for talent is great, but how are companies planning to sustain this new normal? What are your thoughts?

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