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Concourse: The King, Queen, and I

King and Queen Towers Atlanta

The end of last year took a really amazing turn for me. I became a member of the leasing team for the King and Queen building at Concourse Office Park in Atlanta, GA. Being a part of a Rockstar team and representing a trophy asset is a HUGE deal, but it was more than just the “deal” for me. The King and Queen Towers and I have a lot of history.

“Those towers remind me of horses.”

That may sound weird…but stay with me. If you take a horse out for a walk or ride, when they see the barn on the way back, they run home (and if you have never ridden horses before, that can be a very scary experience!) That barn represents a beacon of light for them. It is a safe place where they know they will be cared for by people who love them and want the best for them. The towers represented that beacon of light for me. I knew once I saw them, love was right around the corner.

I am originally from St. Louis, MO but a lot of my family migrated to Atlanta over the years. After my mother died during my junior year in college, there was only myself and my little sister left. I moved off campus to live with my sister in my mother’s home. It was an eerie time. The lack of noise in the house made me miss my Georgia family tremendously.

“When my sister and I were little, we would travel to Georgia every summer.”

At the young ages of 7 and 8 years old, my mom would put my sister and I on a Delta Airlines flight alone to visit our family. It was my job to take care of her, so that is what I did. Our aunts and cousins would pick us up from the airport and we would head to out to Alpharetta to reunite with the rest of our family. I always hated how long the ride was, but it was also super exciting. I knew we were getting close to home when I saw the King and Queen Towers…the landmark.


I would get so excited to see those beautiful towers and I would marvel at their different colors. My sister and I used to bet we could figure out what color the towers would be this time. We both were always wrong.

After I graduated college, my aunt offered me a job and I moved to Atlanta. After a while, she decided to branch off on her own and I offered to help her. I left my shop and helped her to create her own brand. We figured out the business plan, the annual budget, and how we were going to attract talent. As far as we were concerned, the only way to attract the type of talent she needed, was to offer a sexy office space. King and Queen Towers, here we come!

“I will never forget when we pulled into the garage and walked into Concourse 5.”

My mind was blown. I could not believe I was inside one of the towers! We were taken to see several office suites – each one better than the last. It was so exciting to be there and I was grateful to my aunt for having exposed me to the majesty of Concourse at such a young age. Ultimately, my aunt could not afford the rates and we were unable to fulfill our dreams of leasing space at the towers.

Twenty years later, I have the keys to the building. Contact me today to schedule your tour. Trust me, this is where dreams are made.


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Moving Your Offices? Contact a Professional

Looking To Move Your Office?


You are a successful business owner and everything is booming in your world. 

Your current location has been good to you but your client base has grown dramatically.  The past few years have afforded you a great proof of concept but you know you could offer your clients more.  You know you need a new atmosphere and better location to best serve your clients.  Where do you start?  How do you accomplish that?

It sounds like you a need a tenant representation broker.  A broker will find you a great new space and negotiate you a killer deal.  That sounds simple enough, right?  Let’s delve in a little deeper.  Read on for your “no-cost-to-YOU” solution for getting a better space.


#1: YOU are the first priority


A tenant rep will have great relationships with many landlords and listing brokers.  As a result, this will lead to a smooth transaction for you.  Tenant representation brokers work on your behalf.  They have no obligation to landlords or the buildings they present. It is their legal, fiduciary responsibility to you to evaluate buildings, locations, and leases without any bias.  Additionally, they will not promote one building over another. Tenant representatives will work to position your deal in the marketplace.  They will also leverage the best possible transaction both qualitatively and quantitatively.  They will help your bottom line.



#2: Evaluating commercial real estate is a full-time career


In order to accurately identify lease opportunities, significant time and work goes into the process.  This is time that you, like many professionals, don’t have to spare. Tenant representation brokers will determine your unique office needs and engage the market.  They will analyze all alternatives and negotiate terms.  Ultimately, they will find you an office space that meets your business needs. This process will ensure that you make the proper real estate decisions while paying attention to your operations.


#3: We focus on what we know so you can focus on what you do


Rather than taking time to educate yourself on the commercial real estate market, a tenant representation broker will do that for you.  They can manage everything from needs assessments, parking requirements, zoning restrictions, and as well as establishing timelines and the lease execution. The decisions you make now will impact the efficiency, productivity, and profit of your organization.  A tenant representation broker is sensitive to that.

#4: Tenant reps help you to determine what’s best


Defining and analyzing your business objectives will help you determine what you need in your office space.  A tenant representative will apply consideration to your budget and future growth. Do your projections include expansion?  Do your employees need to be near public transit?  Do you need all offices on glass?  Is walkability a major factor for your business model?  A tenant representation broker will know all of the right questions to ask.  This will help to determine the right commercial space for you.


#5: Tenant representatives have numerous resources…seriously


Searching for new space on your own can be frustrating. It is difficult to get an accurate idea of what’s available in the commercial real estate market.  Many websites that have out-of-date or incomplete information.  It may even be hard to get a listing broker to call you back!   A tenant representative will have the most inclusive list of commercial real estate options in the market. Tenant reps have access to exclusive commercial real estate databases, industry relationships and knowledge of off-market options.  This enables tenant reps to give you a variety of quality options that may not be possible to acquire on your own.  If you don’t believe me, try calling a few numbers on the “For Lease” signs and see how things go.  You’ll see that I’m right!


#6: Tenant Representatives will handle negotiations


Going through the negotiation process can be overwhelming.  Having a tenant representative who knows the market and is exclusively representing your interests is important. They understand the need to capitalize on timing and market conditions.  They will apply negotiation techniques to create the most leverage on your behalf. This will help you receive the best lease terms possible without the stress of negotiating alone.  Lastly, they know the tricks of the trade which will help you.

For instance, if the market price for milk is $3.06 per gallon, you will pay $3.06 for that gallon of milk from the grocery store.  If you are a vendor, you could go directly to that distributor and negotiate a much lower price point.  As a vendor, you have more negotiation power.  Distributors deal with vendors.  HMOs deal with doctors.  Landlords deal with tenant representation brokers.  It’s as simple as that.  Landlords will always negotiate with tenant representation brokers on your behalf.  They do so because they trust the tenant rep to qualify their client before bringing them to the space.  This saves the landlord a time by not having to qualify the prospective tenant upfront.

Tenant representatives can get you a ton of other incentives.  Some include free rent and a break on the rental rate.  They may even be able to get you more concessions!


How Much Is It Going to Cost Me?

On a final note, remember when I said you can get your space at no cost to you?  Let me clarify!  Tenant representation services are free because the landlord pays your representation for you.  I know that sounds super crazy but that IS how this crazy thing works.  The landlord sets aside a budget for representation when he/she acquires a commercial property.  Whatever that budget is, is typically split down the middle.  Half goes to the landlord’s representation and the other half goes to the tenant’s representation.

Why would a landlord do such a thing, you ask?  A landlord is willing to pay a tenant rep’s commission because he/she feels confident that they are bringing a viable tenant to their establishment.  They are willing to pay for that.  I know it’s weird and I don’t make the rules…I just play by them.  If you are looking for office space, I’m more than happy to point you in the right direction.  I hope you found this helpful!

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