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Journey To The Million Dollar Club

I have been waiting on this moment since the beginning of my career in #CRE. If you know me and you have watched me grow, then you also know that I have been crashing the Million Dollar Club banquet for the past five years. I never had an invitation, but missing the opportunity to soak up the energy of top producers was simply never an option. I would show up, find someone in the room that I knew, and latch on long enough to find an open seat at someone’s table.

At that time, the bar was set at $1M for production. It then jumped up to $5M as the minimum. My heart almost sank because I couldn’t fathom how I would ever get there. I was new to the industry and I didn’t have the kind of networks that these top producers had. It seemed like a far-fetched dream but I couldn’t let it go.

Yesterday evening marked the day that I joined the ACBR Million Dollar Club…and this time I actually had an invitation. #atlanta #commercialrealestate #officespace #acbr #milliondollarclub #winning