Creating the Strategy that Meets your Goals 

We dig deep to fully understand your business from a holistic perspective. Our goal is to align with your business goals and objectives, create bold strategies that help you respond proactively to market changes and competition and provide a critical foundation for smart decision making. The experts who comprise our Strategic Consulting team work with you to make real estate one of the most important foundations of your company’s success by providing:


Labor Analytics

We offer you detailed and actionable insight into global, national and local labor markets, and we analyze them from two complementary perspectives: job skills and demographics.


Location Strategy

Our approach to location strategy is designed to identify an optimal solution—globally, nationally, regionally and locally. We help you identify your optimal location based on your business goals.


Headquarters Consulting

There is nothing more strategic in real estate than a headquarters location decision. We devise and execute comprehensive, strategic plans that tie together your culture, branding, real estate and labor concerns with minimal risk and disruption to your business.


Real Estate Strategy

We have proven success in supporting carefully developed real estate strategies that make meaningful contributions to top corporate concerns, including human capital, operational excellence, innovation, customer relationships, corporate brand and sustainability.


Workplace Strategy

We create the best workplace strategies for your business by understanding the culture of your company, business goals, how and where employees work.


Change Management

We partner with you to provide more than just a communications plan. We work with your organization to develop the right tools, training and processes that will create a change plan aligned to your company’s culture and business goals.


Portfolio Intelligence

Insights into the key data, metrics and performance of the real estate portfolio to enable you to proactively identify quick win opportunities and to develop long-term strategies for improved efficiencies and savings. Our Portfolio Intelligence platform analyzes your real estate holdings against cost, market and utilization data to determine how well the portfolio is supporting the business objectives.

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