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[cf47rs_section_features title=”The Mission” subtitle=”THE MISSION IS TO EMPOWER OCCUPIERS WITH INFORMATION TO MAKE SMART DECISIONS. COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE 101 IS A REAL ESTATE MARKETPLACE DEDICATED TO HELPING OWNERS AND BROKERS FIND AND SHARE INFORMATION ABOUT THE ATLANTA MARKET.” side_image=”1509″ css=”.vc_custom_1606246651531{padding-top: 0px !important;}”][cf47rs_section_features_item label=”Educate” add_icon=”true” icon_type=”svg” icon_svg=”svg-icon svg-icon-favorite-agents”]Educated clients are the best clients.  You will leave the transaction with a deep experience and a greater wealth of real estate knowledge.[/cf47rs_section_features_item][cf47rs_section_features_item label=”Demonstrate” add_icon=”true” icon_type=”svg” icon_svg=”svg-icon svg-icon-edit–post”]You will receive an outward display of transparency regarding the transaction.  All questions will be answered and concerns addressed.[/cf47rs_section_features_item][cf47rs_section_features_item label=”Facilitate” add_icon=”true” icon_type=”svg” icon_svg=”svg-icon svg-icon-good-sales”]Your job is to run a business and my job is to advise you on your commercial real estate endeavors.  I make your life easier.[/cf47rs_section_features_item][cf47rs_section_features_item label=”Negotiate” add_icon=”true” icon_type=”svg” icon_svg=”svg-icon svg-icon-money-save”]I always aim to help companies save on their bottom line and to negotiate the best terms possible.  I keep money in your pocket.[/cf47rs_section_features_item][/cf47rs_section_features]
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    Slide "Thank you for assisting us in making this office location the new home of the ATL Mister Car Wash Team.  We are extremely excited." - Ben Melendez - Mister Car Wash, Division Manager Slide "Navigating a new marketplace can be tricky. We are expanding our footprint in the Atlanta marketplace and I found Re’Nauta to be extremely responsive, knowledgeable, and a wealth of valuable information on many levels. Finding a professional expert who is willing to go above and beyond to make sure your needs are met is not always normal. I am thankful to have met Re’Nauta, consider her a trusted advisor and highly recommend her for your leasing needs!" Janelle McCarty - Helium SEO, Atlanta Market Leader Slide "Re'Nauta was exceptional. She truly listened and understood my needs and helped me make a leasing decision that was themes appropriate for my circumstances. I recommend her highly and I won't have to look around the next time I need a lease." Alcide Honore - Honore Law, Attorney Slide "Ms. Re’Nauta Bell has been nothing but exceptional. She pays very close attention to details and is as consistent as they come. I felt as though I did not have to worry because I knew things were getting handled properly. I will refer all of my friends that embark on their own ventures to Ms. Bell and I’m certain they will feel as strongly as I do. I do not know where this angel fell from but may it keep on pouring down!" Marcus Bun - King Crab Atl, Owner Slide "Re’Nauta is by far the best agent! She literally goes the extra mile for her clients and delivers the full customer experience. Not only does she meet and exceed customers expectations, she is very cheerful and helpful as well!" Grelissia Williams - Royale Pride, Owner